The Best All-Terrain 7 Passenger Vehicles 2012: Ford Explorer

by James on December 26, 2012


Ford Explorer ranks as one of the best all-terrain 7 passenger vehicles for 2012. With the right equipment, the Ford Explorer also shows the capability to tow astounding loads. It is classified as a 7-passenger Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Besides the fact that it is a fantastic all-terrain ride, there are some other 5 key things that you may find alluring in the 2012 Ford Explorer:

The power plant

The engine that drives the 2012 Ford Explorer turns out to be a remarkably powerful v6 (3.5 liter) engine. This is a Ti-VCT engine, whose track record has been quite  good. It gives 290 Horse Power Units at 6,500 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). And thanks to this good power plant, the 2012 Ford Explorer is able to accelerate from 0 miles pr hour to 60 miles per hour in some 7.3 seconds. The power is carried to the Ford Explorer’s engine through an automatic transmission which, however, also has a Select-Shift manual mode.

Safety-enhancing features

Each 2012 Ford Explorer comes with Roll stability control. Each 2012 Ford Explorer also comes with a traction control feature. The 2012 Ford Explorer comes with the high performance anti-lock disc brakes. In case of a mishap, the passengers in the 2012 Ford Explorer are protected by airbags: this being a car that comes with some six airbags. As is to be expected of a modern 7 passenger SUV, the 2012 Ford Explorer does come with a tire pressure monitoring feature, which is not just a convenience feature, but also one that can have considerable safety implications.

The cargo-carrying capacity

Even without a trailer, the 2012 Ford Explorer does come equipped with capacity for carrying some 80.7 cubit feet of cargo. And as we said earlier, this is one of the vehicles that can tow very well (with the trailer offering much more cargo carrying capacity).

The fuel economy

The 2012 Ford Trailer may not be the most fuel efficient 7 passenger vehicle in the market, but there is also no denying that for a vehicle with a v6 engine, its miles per gallon figures are quite impressive. This is a car which can push 25 miles per gallon while cruising on the highway, and some 18 miles per gallon when trudging along the city roads.

The passenger entertainment features

The satellite radio feature that all 2012 Ford Explorers come with means that you won’t get bored as a passenger in it. Couple that with SYNC communication and entertainment system that is to be found in 2012 Ford Explorers and it emerges that this is one of the 7 passenger vehicles with reasonably good passenger entertainment features.

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